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Patients can book, cancel and view appointments online from their computers, tablets and phones. Patients like that they can do this whenever they feel like it and your staff is free to help those patients that really need it.


Don’t like internet too much? Use an automated phone system to book and cancel appointment from the comfort of your armchair or while driving. We are not eavesdropping, but please do be polite to our phone robot, she is doing her best.


Patients can check-in using a touch screen kiosk or a tablet solutions with a few clicks. This empowers patients improves their privacy by not having to speak out their name out loud. And it frees staff support other patients.


Phlebotomy managers have a lot of reporting to do at the end of a month. Sangix has them all ready for you only a few clicks away. Let me tell you, these reports are worth a look, these blood letting people are working quite hard.


Select real time or any period of time and see how the phlebotomist are doing, who was dealing with a particular patient and with what result. Know when a phlebotomist needs help and when they deserve a pat on their back for their good work.


SANGIX APPOINTMENT BOOKING - Easy Healthcare appointment booking system

Sangix is an appointment booking system, originally designed with focus on phlebotomy and currently supporting any scheduled services. It breaks down available time into "time slots” and these slots are allocated to cubicles or bays where a patient is served. Therefore the number of slots available can vary depending on how many doctors/phlebotomists are available at any point.

Sangix was designed with one real objective – to take the existing process, simplify it and then control that process in as simple a way as possible. Hence slots are displayed in a “point and click” style, so that it becomes intuitive and obvious what to do at any given point.


The number of patients we are seeing have grown substantially, i cant imagine running my clinic without sangix. The system requires virtually no training which makes the staff more efficient and its a very easy system to use.

I also appreciate that the system is continuously evolving and working collboratively with our supplier in developing our everchanging requirments, making  the system easier for our patients and staff.

R Lal
Phlebotomy Services, Finchley Memorial Hospital

Needing monthly blood tests at the local hospital the Sangix system has improved the experience considerably.  Instead of turning up to queue it is now possible to book the appointment and, after checking in via the terminal, the maximum wait is around 5 minutes instead of three0 or more as previously.

  Appointments can be booked via phone or on line.  Initially, on occasion, there was an error message via on line booking but the company reacted instantly  to put things right. Now all works well; the system is efficient and assists both the patients and hospital.

TJ, a patient

We used to use a walk-in system, and were used to having 30 – 40 patient’s waiting when we started in the morning, This backlog resulted in very long waits of one – two hours.  However, now we have Sangix the through flow of patients’ is more structured as they’re not all arriving at once, and booked patients usually go in on time, and if not, only have a short wait of approximately one0 minutes.    Both patients’ and staff are more relaxed and more efficient.

LS, Phlebotomy Service Manager

Online booking

Patients can use an email to register and book on-line, using web or a mobile device. They can also cancel an appointment online. One day before the booked appointment they receive an email reminder. Sangix also allows sending a text message reminder.

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