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SANGIX APPOINTMENT BOOKING - Easy Healthcare appointment booking system

Sangix is an appointment booking system, originally designed with focus on phlebotomy and currently supporting any scheduled services. It breaks down available time into "time slots” and these slots are allocated to cubicles or bays where a patient is served. Therefore the number of slots available can vary depending on how many doctors/phlebotomists are available at any point.

Sangix was designed with one real objective – to take the existing process, simplify it and then control that process in as simple a way as possible. Hence slots are displayed in a “point and click” style, so that it becomes intuitive and obvious what to do at any given point.

"Sangix appointment booking"

“I am well known as a computer-phobe, yet I found that I could
use the system immediately after training. it is simplicity itself” Marilyn Skolnik (Reception manager)