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About us

Sangix appointments booking was originally developed in 2007 and was a success from the beginning, replacing a paper based system and complicated reporting. The staff appreciated how easy it was to start using the system and how well it was received by the patients. We have worked with a number of NHS hospitals since then and wherever our system is deployed, both the staff and patients are delighted with the benefits.

Phlebotomy and other clinics are under a growing pressure to see more patients and to meet this demand a system is needed that will help to see that all patients get a proper treatment without too much waiting or administrative burden. Sangix does just that.


Sangix solution

Our system is a web based solution available in the cloud to ensure both patients and staff are guaranteed easy and secure access to the service. Sangix is using a technology that makes sure it can be used on a PC desktop, tablet or smart phone with the same ease and efficiency.

We have recently completely redeveloped the solution from zero to use all the experience we have gathered over the last 8 years and also to make sure the platform is flexible and can support diverse clinics and services and is easy to extend and integrate.




"Sangix appointment booking"

“I am well known as a computer-phobe, yet I found that I could
use the system immediately after training. it is simplicity itself” Marilyn Skolnik (Reception manager)